“I hate this feeling! I will be in a situation surrounded by lots of people and I can feel that knot in my stomach. I just want to be sick.”

Anxiety is perfectly normal! Everyone will feel anxiety at times. It is the level of anxiety that we have that means it can become a problem.

Some people may not even recognise when they feel anxious because it is on such a low level and that is exactly how it should be.

When anxiety levels are high and they begin to impact our lives and prevent us from doing things, this is something we need to take control of and change. 

If we think about anxiety as an emotion what is its purpose?  If you have that anxious feeling about something this is your subconscious minds way of bringing any concerns it has to the attention of your conscious mind. It wants you to take note of its feelings about a situation.

The CONTROL System is a great way for those who feel they are suffering with high levels of anxiety to make a permanent change to their thought patterns and behaviours.  

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