“I know I have to do a big presentation at work but the thought of it makes me feel sick, I know I am going to stumble on my words and panic. I just can’t do it.”

Why is it that we doubt ourselves? Why is it that we often believe that we are not good enough to do something? This is such a common feeling that even the people who appear to be confident will admit to suffering from. 

We often look at others and how they present themselves and compare ourselves to this. We become our own hardest critic. We may even presume that others are judging us and we know their opinions. 

Why is it that those who appear confident are often accused of being arrogant? It is important we have self belief and develop confidence in ourselves and our abilities. We need to learn to recognise when we do well and accept that it is ok to be proud of ourselves.

Using The Control System we can re-educate the subconscious mind with new positive thought patterns and behaviours. Allowing us to feel confident within ourselves and able to take on any challenge thrown at us. 

After all, everyone has to start somewhere and we are all learning new skills everyday and with that we not only improve our ability but also develop our confidence. 

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