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offical control system workshop

Change your life in one day by attending a mindblowing workshop to learn how your mind works and upgrade your thinking.
All workshops use The Control System which is a fast, direct method of change by upgrading thoughts, feelings and learnt behaviours in our subconscious mind.




Workshop Schedule
Session 1
  • Understand how the mind works and picks up negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours
  • Find out how your mind specifically likes to work and how you can upgrade your patterns of thought
Session 2
  • Communicate with your subconscious
  • Identify your current negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours
  • Define your ideal pattern of thought going forwards
  • Understand the reasons why you haven't been able to change this before
Session 3
  • Understand the process of upgrading your thought patterns
  • Learn insights for why your mind should change the way it currently thinks, feels and behaves
Session 4
  • Make the change! Directly upgrade the way from the negative pattern you have to the desired pattern you want
  • Anchor your new positive pattern so you are able to retrigger it anytime 
  • Practise communicating with your subconscious so you can do this following the workshop
Everyone who books onto a workshop will also receive lifetime access to an online support group where you can continue to ask questions and share your stories with others who have been through the change process. 
Gold package clients will also receive:
  • A pre-workshop resource to prepare your mind for change
  • A post-workshop package to support you to maintain your change
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Current dates and locations:
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