"It runs in my family so I will always feel like this, it’s in my genes"

Most of us will know someone who will classify themselves as being depressed. We will all know that negative feeling that consumes every aspect of your mind, body and life. 

It is common for people suffering with depression to tell me that other people in their family have suffered with it for a long time and it is in their genes so something they can never change. 

Let's think about it, how do we learn? As we are growing up and even as adults we learn things through seeing how people act and behave around us. So if we have grown up and seen someone who has suffered with depression, it is easy for our subconscious mind to observe and then learn this beahviour as a strategy and pattern of thinking.

The CONTROL System allows you to access those thought patterns and rewrite them. It is normal to have a full set of emotions and that includes sometimes feeling sad, but it is not acceptable for you to feel like this always. 

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