I have included the most frequently asked questions below.
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Why is The CONTROL System a three step program?

I offer a free consultation to all clients before undertaking The CONTROL System program with them. This allows us the opportunity to discuss the system in more detail find out more about how their brain likes to work. 

After the consultation it is important that the client attends three sessions. Session one is where most of the change work will happen. By session two the client will have tested how they feel and we can make any further changes necessary. The final session is important to share the achievements and changes that have been made and thank the subconscious. Also ensuring that the mind is now running a new permanent positive thought pattern.

How long will each session take?

This depends on the individual client and the time they require during the appointment.  The consultation will usually last between 45 minutes to one hour. The three following sessions will again vary from client to client depending on their specific needs and the progress they have made between appointments.

Will I be in control or unconscious during the sessions?

Throughout your whole time at The Growth Place you will be in control and encouraged to play an active part in the changes that you are making in your life. At no point will you be unconscious during the sessions.

How will I feel after my appointment?

Positive, enthused and empowered are a few words that past clients have used to express how they feel when our sessions come to a close. As it is your personal journey your feelings and emotions will be a unique positive experience for you.

Will you be taking control of me?

The CONTROL System empowers you to make changes to negative thought patterns. You will be in control during the whole session and be an active participant in the changes being made. Your subconscious mind will be upgrading it's thinking and creating new positive patterns of behaviour, but your conscious mind will still be aware of what is happening.

How can I make a change when I have had this issue for so long?

The negative thought patterns that we have running in our subconscious mind are all learnt behaviours. Sometimes these may have been learnt as what is right and real a long time ago. However it doesn't matter the length of time that you have been running this pattern of thought, you just need to upgrade the subconscious' understanding to a more positive pattern or belief.

Does the control system work for everyone?

We are all unique and the way our minds work is individual to us. This is why we offer a free consultation so we can find out the best way to make a permanent change when working with you!

So why not find out for yourself and book your free consultation today. jade@thegrowthplace.co.uk 

Can teenagers benefit from The CONTROL System?

Absolutely! Anyone can benefit from making changes and upgrading their thinking using The CONTROL System. 
For anyone under 18 wishing to make an appointment they should first speak to their parent or guardian and arrange to come together for the consultation.

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