“I feel so much pain things are never going to be the same again”

When we lose someone who we were close to it is normal for us to feel upset. That person will no longer be there in our life and it is natural to grieve. 

Everyone deals with grief in their own way and it can effect people in different ways.

Accepting someone has gone can be hard and there may be lots of emotions and feelings such as guilt, emptiness and depression that can feel all consuming. 

Now if that grief begins to take over your life, everything you do brings back memories, you are prevented from doing things and moving forward with your life it is time for change.

I know from my own first hand experience of loss that its ok to grieve but when it becomes to being all consuming you need to take back control. 

The CONTROL System is an amazing way to address the emotions around the loss and rewrite the thought patterns and behaviours. 

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