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“Sometimes I go into the kitchen and I before I even realise I have done it I have eaten half a packet of biscuits!”

I wanted to focus on health and fitness on this page opposed to weight loss. I am not a nutritionist or a fitness guru but I know that it takes a lot of strength and willpower to transform your lifestyle.

What one person classes as fit and healthy may be completely different to their friend. For me the most important thing when working with a client who wants to alter their mindset around their health and fitness is to clearly identify the end goal.

Where do they want to be? What is preventing them from having achieved this already?

The Control System is ideal to support you along your fitness journey as we can work with your subconscious mind to update its current patterns surrounding the barriers and objections that are preventing the change in lifestyle. 

Whether it is stopping the cravings for comfort foods or increasing motivation to exercise together we can change your mindset and get you working towards your achievable goal. 

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