“How anyone can give birth to a baby without using pain relief, wow!”

Whether it is a long term chronic pain or a shorter term pain like labour there is a perfectly logical reason why we feel pain. 

If we think about pain as alerting us to something. For example if you burn your hand the pain signal is the first indication that it has happened. Then the pain after this is the mind reminding us not to use the hand because it has been damaged. 

What if we could turn the pain down or even off altogether? If we know the root cause of the pain then we have taken notice of what our subconscious mind wants us to. Therefore there is no reason for us to feel the pain at all.

I have my own first hand experiences of putting myself into a state of subconscious dominance to remove pain. Relaxing myself and reassuring my mind, during labour that I knew what was happening and why. I was able to birth naturally with no pain relief because I changed the way my mind reacted to what was happening to me!

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