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Why CONTROL worked for me

For my first blog post I wanted to write a little bit about why The Control System worked for me and why I am so passionate about using it to empower others.

To explain this I will have to cast my mind back about 15 years ago when I was at secondary school. Probably like it was for some of you, it wasn't the easiest time in my life and at that age dealing with growing up and finding who I wanted to be, along with everything else, was really challenging! All of this definitely meant I wasn't the easiest teenager for my parents to have to bring up and as supportive and loving as they were, dealing with my 'issues' was something I decided I had to do myself.

As schools have a duty of care over their students they decided that they would offer me counselling. Immediately my brain sounded the alarm bells and warned me that seeing a counsellor meant talking about problems and in order to talk about what was going on in my life it meant that I had to get the words out of my mouth in front of someone else. This was never going to happen.

I felt anxious, angry and confused and there was noway I wanted to talk about things in my life that were already causing me pain! The day came for the counselling session and I went along because I felt I should give it a try for the sake of my family. However, immediately I knew this was the wrong decision. This was confirmed when one of the first phrases out of the counsellor's mouth were 'You look like a victim'. As an adult I know that she should never had said that to me because she had made a judgement on me based upon the way in which I looked and whatever her intentions behind the comment, it was never going to make me feel better about myself or change my current state of mind. Needless to say I came out of the session feeling worse about myself then I did before I went in, even though I didn't know that would be possible!

Deciding that seeing a counsellor wasn't for me a few years later I was encouraged to see a life coach. At this point in my life I wasn't feeling as low as I had a few years earlier but I was still holding onto a lot of thoughts and feelings that were having a negative effect on my well-being. I agreed to see the life coach as I thought this sounded more productive with planning my life and less about bringing up old traumas, far less painful! The life coach proved to be somewhat successful in giving me some hope and the ability to see a way forward into my adult life. The thing was this whole time I was still holding on to all of these negative thoughts and feelings and without even realising it at the time it was impacting my whole life.

Now if I fast forward a few years to 2016 and I was having a tattoo done by an amazing artist called Lizi who runs Ritual Art Tattoo in Rainham, Kent. I had known Lizi through a friend many years ago and been tattooed by her before so knew I wanted to go back and see her again. As she was tattooing she was talking about how she was training as a Control Practitioner because she wanted to be able to help people make positive life changes as they often came to her for a tattoo after something significant had happened in their lives. She talked so passionately about The Control System and what resonated with me the most was that she claimed to have the ability to make these positive life changes without the person having to relive or rake up any traumas from the past!

I was pretty much sold on this system from that moment onwards, obviously I had reservations and doubt, how can this actually work? But for a large part of me there was this large relief that I could finally get rid of all of my 'baggage' without reliving it. Lizi suggested I attend a one day workshop run by the founder of the system Tim Box. So I went away that night and signed up, what did I have to lose? Attending the workshop with Tim was amazing and in one day I had been blown away by the power of Control. There were six of us attending the workshop and we had each come along to the day with something we wanted to change. I chose a phobia I had as it was something I knew I didn't want my children to see and learn themselves. By the end of the day there I was facing my phobia without even batting an eye-lid. At the end of the workshop I signed up to train to be a Practitioner, it just felt right. If this system worked how Lizi and Tim told me it meant that not only could I make changes with myself and my family but I could support other families, parents and mums who needed this too!

Since learning The Control System and how it works I have been empowered to develop myself in so many ways and make lots of positive changes that in turn have created a more perfect relationship for me with myself and also my children. For any parent out there who has ever felt like 'I don't know what to do', 'I don't know how to stop feeling like this' or 'I wish I didn't...' then please get in touch and see how the system can empower you to make that change.



PS. The above is from my own experience. I know there are people out there who have used the services of counsellors and life coaches and felt that their lives have improved for the better. However, I know there are also some people out there like me who tried these methods and they were not the right fit. I wanted to share what did work for me and that was The Control System.

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