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What is your inner voice saying to you?

Even outside of my job I come across too many people who subconsciously put themselves down in the middle of a conversation and they don't even realise they have done it. There are many more who consciously do it and think it's perfectly normal and acceptable to talk down about themselves in this way. But is it?

"Look how fat you look in those jeans!"

"You don't have the skills for a job like that, so don't even bother applying!"

"Why are you trying to set up a business, it is going to be so hard you won't be able to do it!"

You may have heard these things being said before, but I am pretty sure you won't have heard them being said to you by a friend or even a stranger. You have probably heard your own subconscious mind talking to you and saying these negative thoughts. 

When you have this negative voice within you that is openly criticising you, it is very difficult to ignore it. The more you hear it, the more you believe it and the lower your confidence gets. You may see people who you think have high self esteem and confidence and think they are lucky or even wonder how they got to be so happy in themselves.

The difference is their mindset. Their mind is running positive thought patterns and behaviours. Their mind knows that to compare themselves to others and to dwell on negative thoughts is not going to make them happy, so why do it? 

If getting upset and hating yourself because you don't look a certain way or feel your not good enough is a pattern your mind is currently running, it needs to stop.

You need to take control. Time for change, time to grow.

Take a minute to think about it, all of these judgements that you are making about yourself are only affecting you in a negative way. Why do you think these negative things? Are you comparing yourself against someone else or trying to live up to a standard that just isn't realistic? Maybe the pressures and influences from wider society are making you feel as though you don't fit in. 

But don't judge or try to make assumptions about yourself based on the opinions of others. As a society we need to be better at feeling comfortable to compliment each other because if someone is running a negative thought pattern all day a kind comment from a stranger can make all the difference!

With The CONTROL System you can get back control of your thoughts and reframe the way you are thinking. Together we can upgrade the thinking of the subconscious mind and give it new positive thoughts and feelings, strategies to use to bring you happiness in the future.

Get in touch today for your free consultation and find out how The CONTROL System can change your mindset today!

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