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How do fathers influence our lives?

Today is Fathers Day and it is a day to celebrate all the dads out there. It has made me think more about how they influence our lives in different ways. Sometimes teaching us things by consciously giving us experiences and insights which shape our lives and sometimes we are learning things from them that they don’t even realise!

In our early childhood our mind is purely subconscious so we are learning everything from those around us. Everything we see, hear and experience starts to help us to form our own map of reality and what we believe is real and how we should think, feel and behave. It is a good time to reflect as a parent what things your children are learning from you. Do your children see you smoke, shout or run from spiders? Intentional or not these are things that will influence their view on the world and impact their decisions later on.

What things have you learnt from

Your dad? Maybe you are strong and independent or maybe you have their sense of humour? Take time today to tell them all the positive ways they have influenced your life and helped to shape you into who you are today.

Also if. You are a parent yourself take some time to reflect on what things you are consciously and subconsciously passing on to your children.

If there is something that you are doing that you want to stop so your children don’t learn it as the norm, then get in touch and find out how we can work together to rewrite these patterns of thought in your subconscious mind.

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