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How to remain positive when you are surrounded by a sea of negativity

The easy answer is to tell you that you need to exit them out of your life and focus your energy on surround yourself with positive people.

However, sometimes it is just not that easy. Maybe the person who radiates negativity is a family member or close friend? What if it seems to be lots of people in your life who just don't enhance your life.

Well it's your life and your choices dictate how happy or successful you will be. By allowing people with negative opinions and views to get into your circle, take up your time and enter into your own thoughts it is not good. If it is simply not possible for you to stop spending time with these people there is another way you can find peace and happiness.

So many years ago my mum and nan told me about the bubble. The bubble is a basically a strategy. You imagine yourself in a bubble so anyone outside of your bubble is unable to get in. Any thoughts or views they have that don't enhance your life will not even reach you to effect you. They simple can't get through the bubble.

I thought they were both crazy and went through a very difficult time in my life without even trying this strategy. Instead I decided to try the strategy I thought worked best which involved self pity and negativity. When you get to that place it is all too easy to get stuck in a cycle of negativity and not so easy to pull yourself back out again!

You might be reading this and thinking exactly how I used to, that's great but it wears you down. Well I say only if you let it. You must get yourself into a place where you are happy with yourself and have confidence in yourself that you are you and the choices you make in life are the right one. Once you find this place it is much easier for you to xontuinr to radiate positivity and infect others with you it. You will also find you start to attract people with similar outlooks and the more successful and happy people you are around the more you build each other up.

So start today by smiling, being kind and seeing every problem that occurs as a learning experience that you will gain something from.

Let me know how you get on!