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8 Ways you can develop a more positive mindset

Your mind is what you make it, that's for sure. You might have someone who you wonder how they are always so positive, well it is not by accident but actually because they trained their mind.

So I'll get straight into it and keep it simple for you. Try these things as a start and it will put you on the right track, but keep them up because like anything doing it for a few days and not actually allowing it to become part of your daily/weekly routine then it's not going to make a sustained change for you.

1. Surround yourself by positive people

This might sound like a no brainer, right? But take a minute to think about the people you spend the most time with? What sort of mindset do they have? Are they enhancing your life or simply draining you? I have been there myself where I was around a certain person a lot and it became quite easy to be influenced by the words they said and their perception of the world. If someone is constantly looking for the negatives in their own life or even the world in general they are going to find them. If you are then constantly bombarded with this in your ear it isn't easy to brush it off!

So you need to wherever possible, surround yourself with those who will bring out the best in you, those you can learn from and those who understand and champion you. It is absolutely normal that you will outgrow friendships and relationships as you start to change the way you think and feel. Society has told us if we put ourselves first we are considered selfish, it is not selfish it is self-care! If we don't look after ourselves then who will?

2. Read books

Picking up a physical book to learn something new or even immersing in a story to relax. Yes I know you can listen to e-books and read them on your Kindle, and that's great that they are so accessible now from anywhere. However, actually physically picking up a book and reading it is great too, allowing us time away from technology, because let's face it, most of us spend more time then we would like to admit and even realise on technology social media in particular!

I'm sure you know this but if you are reading before bed, like many of us, having an old fashioned hard copy of a book rather than a bright screen helps us to get off to sleep easier.

3. Watch Ted Talks

If you don't already then this is a must! No matter how busy you think you say you are, you need to find time to watch some! This really is a game changer, when it comes to your mindset. Ted Talks are a way for a person to share their knowledge and perspective on a specific topic. The range of Ted Talks out there is huge and many will give you a new perspective and challenge your own thoughts and feelings about a particular subject.

For those who love to learn, which is fundamental in creating and maintaining a positive mindset, it is key to challenge the way you think and your perceptions on life. Seeing people speak who have a mindset similar to where you want to be, or who have been through a situation themselves and come out the other side and used it positively is powerful.

4. Write a gratitude list

When I started out my journey to improve my mindset one of the first things I came across was a celebrity that posted daily their 3 things that they are grateful for. I loved it, I mean what a great way to bring us back to thinking about our true core values and not get caught up in all of the other things that happen during the day. So the things you could be grateful for one day may be small things that at the moment you don't even notice. For example; you were really stuck into a project at work and hadn't had time to get yourself a coffee, a colleague noticed and brought you one just as your head was about to explode! Something to be grateful for a small random act of kindness.

Other things that you put on your gratitude list may be larger things such as having spent a day as a family at the local park really cherishing the time together and the way it made you feel. The key thing here is that it is done daily. Buy yourself a nice journal and physically write down every day what those things are you are grateful for. It provides a great reminder on those days when you feel a little down as you can look back over at them and give yourself a little boost.

5. Do something for someone else

Developing a positive mindset isn't just about how you perceive what goes on in your life but also how you feel about what you do. By doing a selfless act for someone else not only puts a smile on their face but will on yours too. Doing something nice for others will release endorphins and will give you a buzz and make you feel good. However, this doesn't mean always putting others before yourself because if you get into a pattern of working to please others all the time then it can have a negative impact on you!

6. Learn to let go

Learning to let go of the past is one of the biggest things that could be holding you back from achieving the mindset that you want! It is also one of the things that my clients tell me they fear they will never be able to do. I promise you this is totally achievable and that is why I love The Control System because it allows you to identify what the barriers are to you letting go of the past and changing the patterns of thought, feeling and behaviours moving forward!

7. Remove all the negative self talk

Some of the harshest words that we hear can often come from ourselves. We think and say things about ourselves that others would never dare to do. Again it is another one that you will instantly say this is easier said then done, but the key to success with this is developing a positive ongoing communication with your own subconscious mind. Learning to listen and identify the negative self talk means that you can address it and correct the thought and re frame it more positively.

8. Sort that schedule

How often do you hear yourself say 'I don't have time for that' or 'How do they have time to do that?'. Truth is they probably have time to do that because they prioritise and create themselves a schedule.

Sit down and look at what you do currently with the 24 hours you have each day and then as your week overall. Jot down all the things that you MUST do so this would include things such as washing up, doing the school run and sleeping! Add up how many hours and minutes all of these take and then look at what time you have left in your day.

Now what are your next priorities? Start to slot them into these times, I am not saying you have to be rigid and stick to this 100% things happen last minute and it is ok for us to substitute one for another. But if you start to realise where your priorities lie you can start to make time for them. Having a positive mindset means you might want to find half an hour a week to do meditation because you are just starting out. You might then up this as you start to see the benefits and find more time in your daily routine.

The key is to prioritise and think smart, what can be left until later and what can I find a quick fix for. I know for me bulk cooking dinner saves me time and then this allows me to fit other things into my life that I wouldn't have had time for otherwise. It also makes me feel much better as I feel more organised and am not wasting time and energy on panicking about things that aren't done and even those that are not achievable!

Do you know what? There so many more ways that you can start to improve your mindset but you need to start somewhere and these eight are definitely some of my favourites. Try them out and let me know how you get on.

Why not start off by joining my Facebook group A Place For Positive People and surround yourself with other like-minded individuals!

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