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How do I change my mindset?

It's a hard one right? When you are stuck with a mindset that you don't want and you know needs to change how do you actually do it? Seems impossible and probably a million miles from where you are right now. But how do you change your mindset? Well there are some simple questions you need to think about to start your change in changing your mindset.

What is wrong with your mindset?

First step is identifying what is it that you don't like about your current mindset. You need to really think about what exactly it is that you are unhappy with. Is it your reactions to situations, low moods, aggression, anxiety? Whatever it is and it may be more than one thing you need to know what it is in order to be able to change it.

Why do you have this mindset?

Once you have identified what you want to change it is important to start thinking about why you feel, think or behave this way, particularly as it is something you have decided you don't want to do anymore. It may be that you are able to identify a particular reason why you have developed this negative pattern and this will help you to address it and reeducate your mind. However, this may not always be the case and you may find that you are not able to consciously find a reason why you think, feel or behave in this way, and that's ok we can still make changes to our mindset even if we don't know what has caused it!

What is the mindset you would like?

When you want to change your mindset sometimes people can overlook how crucial it is to think forward towards the mindset they want. After all, if you don't know where you want to be then it is unlikely that you will be able to achieve it. So take some time to think about how you would like to think, feel and behave and the impact this will have on your life. This way you will begin to plant seeds into your subconscious mind as to the improvements that you want to make.

Why haven't you been able to change it already?

The actual reason why you haven't been able to change it yourself is something I can tell you more about and have discussed in other blog articles, so if you haven't read about how the conscious and subconscious minds work then make sure you do now! But in order to make the change you do need to understand why you haven't been able to change it thus far. Any reasons that come straight to your mind are what, as a control practitioner, I call a barrier or objection. Knowing what these objections are enable us to find logical reasons to rationalise with our subconscious mind, the part that is in charge of the patterns we are currently running, and upgrade their thoughts, patterns and behaviours.

These four things are key to consider when starting your mindset upgrade. So take some time today to go through each one carefully and make some notes for each question.

Let me know how you get on!

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