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Top tips to reduce your stress levels

Argghhhh! Stress! We can all relate to this one, right?! It is totally normal to find that at specific points in our lives we go through stressful situations. But maybe you notice that some people appear to know how to deal with stress better than you. Wrong! Well sort of, you might look at someone and see a cool calm exterior and you think 'wow, how have they managed to stay so level headed', but the thing is you are only seeing what they allow you to see. You are not actually seeing what is running through their mind 24/7.

So here are my top tips to reduce your stress levels:

1. Plan

By planning in advance you are able to prioritise tasks and allocate time to those that are most important and not take on too much at one time! Don't let yourself get overwhelmed you can only do what you can do.

2. Have some me time

It is important to find time to relax and chill out. This could be anything from having a nice bubble bath or lounging in your pyjamas watching a film. Whatever it is make sure that every week you allocate some time when your mind isn't having to work too hard!

3. Talk to yourself

Ok it might sound crazy and you don't have to actually say this outloud, unless you want to. But tell yourself that you are in control and can do this. When we are in stressful situations sometimes we can become riddled with self-doubt. So make sure you believe in yourself and know that you can deal with it.

4. Remember the only thing you can always control

The only thing in life that you can always control is your reactions to the situations that you are presented with. You can't always change things that are happening in your life but you can learn to manage your emotions. When everything around you seems to be going the wrong if you can choose to find the positives it will help you to stay positive!

There are so many other ways to reduce your stress levels. Want some more top tips for reducing stress then let me know!

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