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Why do I feel like this?

Have you ever said this to yourself? You're not alone and it doesn't mean you're crazy! We can all relate to this comment and we will have said it at some point in our lives.

Our minds are responsible for the way we think, feel and behave. None of us want to have negative emotions so why do we have them? Why can't we always be happy?

The subconscious mind learns things from experiences we have, the situations we are in and the people around us. Our mind develops a strategy as to how it believes we should think, feel and behave.

So our conscious mind, which is our logical, rational and reasoning part of our mind might decide it doesn't want to feel a certain way anymore. Yet the part of our mind that is controlling the patterns, the subconscious mind, isn't listening, it thinks it knows better!

Ok, got that? Still want to know why it continues to make you feel this way? Well it is simply because in most cases the subconscious mind believes that the strategies it is using to deal with situations are going to give you the best chance for happiness. Maybe that sounds a little strange as it is having the reverse effect but it may just be the strategies it is using are now out of date, we learned them a while ago and they are no longer fit for purpose.

Now we cleared this up, I bet you are thinking well how do I change it? Well that's for another time!

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