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4 things that stop us growing our business?

If you are anything like me then you will have been busy over the Christmas period, not just with friends and family but also planning for the year ahead. Reflecting at what has gone well and maybe not so well this year and then strategising how you are going to achieve even more this year!

So now we are a few weeks in what is holding you back? What is the one thing you need to be mindful of because otherwise it could stop you growing your business?

Your mind, your thoughts, the beliefs that you have. All of the things that we have learnt from past experiences that hold us back from moving forward. All of those things that prevent us from trusting ourselves wholeheartedly and driving forward.with our ideas.

So here are the top four things that you need to be mindful of. These may be difficult for you to identify initially as they may be subconscious objections that your mind is using as strategies to protect you, however sometimes these do the opposite in fact and hold us back!

1. Fear of failure

What if this doesn’t work? What if I don’t actually know what I am talking about? What if other people say i told you so when I fail?

That is a lot of ifs and buts, but you know that might not ever happen so you are worrying yourself necessarily. On one of my favourite quotes is ‘What if I fall?' 'But darling, what if you fly!’

2. Fear of success

I know what you are thinking, hang on a minute, you just said the opposite! I know right, but it’s true. So many of us are actually concerning ourselves with what if we are successful. Will others judge our success, will it make us a worse person? Worrying about how you will be perceived by others is something in both these instances that your mind might deploy as a distraction tactic. Noone wants to be judged negatively, this is a natural response. However, you have to accept that whatever you do in life someone is always going to want to have an opinion on it and judge your for it. What you have to remember is there will always be someone there who is ready to celebrate your achievements too! So you need to lose the people in your life who make you feel judged and surround yourself by those who life you up and champion your success!

3. Self-confidence

Hands up who can honestly say that they think they are a confident person? We weren't born unconfident, but yet many of us may feel it in different situations and struggle with our self-confidence. It shouldn't come as a surprise that if you are female to be able to relate to the self-confidence issues many of us face. You have probably had a conversation with a friend where you have tried hard to build up her self-esteem and confidence but she just wouldn't believe you when you told her she is beautiful. Or maybe this is you that is trying to be convinced. Stop comparing yourself to others. Have the belief in yourself because you are amazing and no one is as amazing as you at being you. PEOPLE buy from people so you need to show people the real you to shine and grow.

4. Comfort zone

Your comfort zone is there is keep you safe, to stop you doing something that your subconscious mind deems to be risky, difficult or challenging. But in fact with business we have to jump out of our comfort zone and we want to grow things as much as we can. So that means taking risks and making decisions. Remember ladies it is only outside your comfort zone because you haven't done it before and that is a natural feeling, but once you have done it a few times you start to feel more comfortable and will start showing yourself as an expert!

Any of these resonating with you? It helps to identify and be more mindful!

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