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Where is anxiety in my body?

Noticed that you feel anxious and suddenly you have tingling in your hands or your heart starts beating really fast?

If you believe that you suffer from a condition called anxiety, then you will automatically start to scan your body to check for the physical symptoms to support this belief.

However, what if I told you that anxiety is not a condition, in fact it is an emotion. We all have a range of emotions and we all feel different emotions as a response to the situations we are faced with in life. This could be us feeling happy, sad, excited or even anxious.

So if we are taught by society that we suffer with a condition called anxiety then why are we not taught we can suffer with happiness or excitedness? Probably because people put a label on something that they don't understand. It is an overwhelm of all of these feelings, which in turn results in physical symptoms. It makes us accept what we are feeling as being a condition and therefore it is something we have and we are not crazy or imagining it.

I don't agree with this! We need to learn that anxiety is an emotional response and our mind is giving us a warning and ultimately trying to keep us safe and protect us. This means we accept that this is not something we are stuck with and in fact we can upgrade the way our mind views situations and the level of anxiety we feel.

We are constantly growing and evolving. We can upgrade the way we respond to situations by learning a better pattern of behaviour a more positive way to feel. Just because we have been told by society we should think, feel and behave a particular way in certain situations it doesn't mean we should accept that. What if we had lots of stress in our life and instead of panicking and feeling overwhelm we accepted it wasn't something we could currently change and therefore we wouldn't allow the level of emotions run high and affect us negatively? Surely this is a better way to see things?

I know if you can't relate to this it is probably because you can't see that change is possible. I promise you it is, I am living proof that once I believe I suffered with anxiety but not anymore. I changed my life and you have the power to change yours.

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