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Top tips to improve your confidence

Suffering with low self-esteem can be something a lot of us go through when growing up and finding ourselves. None of us are born unconfident, but at some point along the way we start to have a wobble and we can lose that confidence that we were born with.

Well here are some things for you to think about if you want to become the best confident version of you!

1. Identify what it is that is stopping you

Think about it and write them down, what are the barriers that pop up in your mind when you think about being confident? Once we know what they are we can start to address these.

2. Find a confidence role model

Who do you perceive as having the sort of confidence you want to have yourself? What is it about them that makes you see them as confident? What aspects of that can you learn from?

3. What does confidence mean to you?

Confidence can mean different things to different people so it is a good idea to establish what being confident means to you. Once you know what you want to achieve to feel confident you can start working towards it!

4. Make time for you to make yourself feel special.

If we aren't making time for ourselves and we don't feel special it can be difficult to ooze confidence. Simple things like taking time to have a bubble bath instead of a shower and using some new scented body moisture can have a great effect on the way we feel.

5. Write down a list of things you love about yourself.

It isn't arrogant to love yourself, it is selfcare. So by writing down a list of things that you love about yourself is a great way to remind yourself when you need a little confidence boost. Why not keep them as a note on your phone so you always have them with you?

6. Keep a record of your achievements.

When we lack confidence in our ability this can be easily improved by simply reminding ourselves of what we have achieved and what we are good at. So don't be afraid to keep a record of everything you have done, no matter how small, because it all adds up and will boost your confidence!

7. Give yourself time to think.

This is key if you are in a situation where you are lacking confidence and struggling to find the right words to say. It is ok to take a breath and give yourself time to think. Sometimes when we go blank we think that a silence is a bad thing, or totally longer than it actually is. But stop, think, smile and deliver your words with confidence.

8. Don't second guess others opinions of you.

Why is it that we automatically assume we know what other people are thinking about us? When in fact we don't. I often hear that people are concerned about what others think of them or take on board negative things they think others are thinking. However if we can just switch off that part of our mind that is making those assumptions and replace it with the positive things that they might be thinking this will help us to be the most confident version of ourselves.

9. Smile

How often do you do it? Have you ever noticed when you look at a confident woman she is standing tall with a smile on her face? Well that's because confidence is displayed in the way you hold yourself and a simple thing like having a smile on your face makes you appear as a happy confident individual.

I hope you take on board some of these points and use these in your journey to be the most confident version of yourself. If you have any top tips please feel free to share!

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