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When is the right time to change?

As you might know this year I have decided to make a big change in my business. It is not a change that came about lightly, it is something I had been thinking about for a while and it now just seemed like the right time to go ahead and do it.

The thing is in life we never really know when the right time for change is. Whether we have been in a job for ten years and want to move on but don’t quite have the confidence to make that jump or even deciding when to get married or start a family. The problem is there will never be a perfect time to do any of these things because we can’t actually guarantee how our surroundings and situation will change if we do these things.

We could decide to make a big change and then suddenly something else in our life changes and effects this and then we start to think negatively about our decision and may even blame ourselves for taking the action to change in the first place.

My advice to you is to do it, whatever it is that you have thought about changing, whatever the things are holding you back just decide that if this is what you want then you can commit to it and do it. After all what is the worst that is going to happen? Ok so maybe it might not work out and you might have to alter your plans and make a change again. That’s ok! We live and we learn, we grow from our experiences and that is part of life.

I remember as a teenager hearing a quote in a film and it really struck a chord with me. ‘Never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game’. Yes it is an American quote and related to baseball but the message really made me stop and think. From then on whenever I have had a change I needed to make or something new I wanted to do, if I ever got any niggles and doubts that stopped me from doing it then that quote just popped up in my mind. That reminder was there that I just had to do it.

So that is why this year I decided I had to make the change, even though I hadn’t been in business a year I found naturally I was attracting a certain type of client, with the same needs. I knew I would be able to support these women better and reach others in a similar position if I took a new direction with my business and niched down, so I did.

So keep an eye out for my changes, some will be subtle and some big and bold. I can’t wait to share them all with you and would love to hear what you think. But don’t be fooled and think that I didn’t worry about when the right time to change was but if I listened to that thought then we would be waiting for a very long time!

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