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Challenge 1: Create a positive mindset board

Have you got one already? If not you'll love this!

So whether you are starting out on your journey to improve your mindset or you are feeling quite content with how you feel, this is a great activity to do.

What will you need?

- A large piece of card

- Post it notes

- Pens

- Printed Quotes (or you can write these out yourself)

- Photos of your achievements

- Pictures of your dreams

- A nice smell such as a perfume or spritz that invokes positive memories

- Any coloured paper, materials, images that you like

- Glue

Let's get started!

The aim of this board is for it to be relevant to you, celebrate and remind you of your achievements, keep you on track with your dreams and ambitions. So you can literally use all of the resources you have collated to create a visual representation of this!

Start by taking some of the post it notes and writing some of the things you are good at for example; 'I am confident' 'I have a positive impact on the lives of others' or 'I am proud of my achievements'. Remember to keep the statements positive so rather than 'I am no longer shy' rephrase it as 'I am confident'!

Glue these notes onto your board and start to build around them. Maybe there are quotes you have printed that reinforce the things you have written or remind you of something that has changed your life, pop those on too.

Now lets add some photos, maybe your family and friends or pets, maybe it is your graduation photo. It could even be something as simple as a photograph from a holiday that you really have positive memories about.

What are your dreams? Where do you want to be? What do you want to achieve? Stick images, words, statements on your board to reflect this.

Finally we want to make the board tactile so it is not just appealing to one of our senses. This is where we are going to start sticking things such as fabrics or materials, maybe they are in colours you like or have a particular texture such as a silk or overly fluffy?

Once this is done you can give it a little spritz of a perfume or something that evokes a positive feeling or memory. Ok, this one you will need to continue doing as the scent will fade but that also means you can upgrade to a new scent as and when it feels right for you, maybe a change in your life or a completed goal.

Having your board in a place in your home where you see it daily, particularly first thing in the morning, is a great way to improve your mood.

Sometime we can be hard on ourselves and just by looking at my

board it reminds me of how much I have achieved and how many things I have to look forward to in my future.

I would love to see yours. Get create and tag me on Instagram!

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