“Sometimes I lay there for hours and just can’t get to sleep, and even when I do I still end up waking up in the night. I am so tired!”

We all know that feeling when you have tried everything from drinking hot milk to counting sheep and still you can't drift off!

But how does it effect you if you can't get to sleep? The following day your energy levels are going to be low, as may your mood amongst other things.

Sleep is so important as this is the time whe your mind has time to recharge and rest. So in order to be able to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day it is something that needs to be addressed!

It is common for people to say I have so much going on in my life that it is all buzzing in my head as I lay there. But by allowing these thoughts to continue going round in your mind doesn't mean you are going to find a solution to them. It is more than likely it will be the opposite.

A good nights rest is more likely to allow your mind to recharge so that you have the energy in the morning to take on anything you need to.

So you have tried everything in the book to get to sleep and it hasn't worked? Well why not try coming for a free consultation of The CONTROL System and find out how we can change your current sleep patterns today.

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