“I get so stressed all the little things just build up and it’s too much!”

We lead such busy lives and often not only receive lots of external pressure but we also put a lot on ourselves. When I hear the words 'I am stressed' it may be that there is a lot going on in someones life and they feel unable to juggle it all or they are feel they are not able to cope with all of the pressure. 

It is important to take a look at your situation are there any changes that you can make that will ease the pressures? You may say there isn't but to have someone else look at your situation can help to reassess this and see the bigger picture.

How about if we look at the stresses that you are feeling. Are they really important? Are you worrying unnecessarily? Often we may over analyse things and putting ourselves under undue pressure.

We don't need to stay in a state of stress. We can reframe the way our mind deals with situations and pressure. 

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